Play Scripts

by Stephen Wass and friends*

Over the years I have worked on a number of pantomimes and other adaptations largely for the use of school and other community groups and here they are. Some of them contain curiously dated references (like our mumming plays) because of course one of the marks of a good pantomime is its topicality.
I am open to offers from any group who would like to use any of these scripts, I'll even modify them for a small fee.....

* Most of the pantomime scripts were developed as collaborative projects with pupils from Greatworth Primary School, Northamptonshire. Unfortunately I cannot put names to indivudual scenes or lines and in the final rewrite everything got pretty mixed up together anyway but if you had a hand in any of this - many thanks, you were all stars.

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Icon  Aladdin And His Coat Of Many Colours

Icon   Alibaba And The Forty Or So Thieves

Icon   Bluecoat - A Community Play

Icon   Cinderella

Icon   Dick Whittington or All's Well If That's How You Like It

Icon   Jack And The Genetically Engineered Beanstalk

icon   Sleeping Beauty

Icon   Twelfth Night - An Edited Version Suitable for Performance in Primary Schools

St. Fremund’s Feast    The Feast of Saint Fremund - Cropredy's own mystery play.