Cropredy Historical Society Archaeology Group (CHISAG)

Welcome to the the CHISAG website. The group was founded following a talk given by Stephen Wass to the Cropredy Historical Society on April12th. 2011 during which he posed 10 questions relating to the archeology of Cropredy suggested to formation of a group to systematically investigate the parish and surrounding areas. This will eventually get off the ground but at present our efforts are concentrated on some of the projects listed below. You can see the original questions as presented here together with some additional suggestions made on the night.

We will use this site to publish the outcomes of our on-going investigations. Here are some related links that may be of interest:

Weapons in Cropredy Church

A Saxon Enclosure at Prescote?

The Feast of Saint Fremund - Cropredy's own mystery play.

and of course Pam Keegan's pages:

The History of Cropredy

and just a little further afield

The Farnborough Park Project

The Hanwell Castle Project
If you are interested in the group's activities please email Stephen Wass:

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