Astronomy and Easy Mathematics

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If you are curious about the possibility that mathematics may have interesting things to say about astronomy (which it most certainly does) but not hugely confident of your command of sufficient mathematics, this is definitely the place to begin on this website. Start by looking at the June 2020 Venus notes, which use nothing more daunting than a simple quadratic equation at one point, otherwise merely simple arithmetic, yet derive some rather beautiful astronomical results. After that, try the notes Synodic versus Orbital of November 2010 in this section, which further develop the theme of the celestial cycles followed by the planets, using mathematics no more difficult. And, for something completely different, go next for instance, to the December 2021 notes Olbers - The Paradox in the 'Cosmology' section - no 'Higher Mathematics' needed in any of this!

Venus Seasonal Recurrences



Venus and the young Moon in conjunction just one 8:13 resonance cycle ago 26.iii.2012.
Author's snapshot with hand-held camera, Hanwell