The Farnborough Park Project

November/December 2012

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Most of November and December has been given over to the writing of the excavation reports from last September's digs. We were also able to pop up to the Warwickshire Historic Environment Record office for valuable discussions about some of our finds, as well as making contact with the Warwick County Record Office concerning the deposition of some our our documentation. Monday November 12th. saw me giving an update report to the AGM of the Warmington Heritage Group whilst on Friday November 23rd. I gave my second annual talk for the villagers of Farnborough itself. A well attended evening with supper thrown in and all ion aid of church funds.

We have been more than aware of just how wet this year has been during the course of our field work over the summer but the week leading up to Monday November 26th. really was spectacularly bad in terms of heavy rainfall and flooding. With all this water sloshing around we thought it would be worthwhile braving the elements to photograph what was going on water-wise around the park.

Flood       Flood

In Church Oakal Field both the former fishpond (left) and the moat (right) were filling up nicely with water...

Flood   Flood   Flood

There was a huge amount of water coming of the fields to the south which created a veritable torrent through the western most gap in the large bank (left) whilst another temporary stream flowed along the fence line before suddenly disappearing into a sinkhole that Bob had investigated in 2011 (centre). The most extraordinary sight was in the tunnel under the road where the water must have been at least a metre deep (right).


The outflow from Sourland Pool was also raging....

Flood        Flood

... as was in inflow from the culvert which runs under the estate yard. Interestingly the flow down the cascade was little changed, I guess the diameter of the pipe effectively limits the flow.

Further down the valley sluice 5 with its attached sheep wash was quite spectacular...


and looking upstream one could see the former triangular pool starting to reform....


however, down stream one had to worry about the stability of the masonry and brickwork. Still standing but for how long?

Photographs by Verna Wass.